Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our Natural Beauty

Our natural beauty
Pelicans made splashy landings while white wading birds skirted the shore. They got their catch minding their own business, while human fisherman worked from a bridge. I finally followed the signs to the signs near the Old and Lost Rivers, and sunned on rocks by a gazebo overlooking busy waters. While I picked up a brochure on the J.J. Mayes Wildlife Trace, I can see now I haven’t nearly seen all of the area of the Wallisville Lake Project. Though I did learn a thing or two at interactive displays designed for much younger visitors.          This place was a relaxing surprise I’d been driving past for years. Make some time to stop off Interstate 10 on your next trip toward Houston. Call (409) 389-2285 for more information.

Hold me to it
Embrace those New Year’s resolutions. Build yourself up while cutting yourself some slack. Clean the house. I mean get rid of stuff that you haven’t used. Make some space and be responsible for less stuff. Then move your body and realize eating right gives you the energy you said you wanted. I’ll be looking to share positive thoughts, finds, recipes, etc. with you all in this space. Hold me to it.

New Year’s herbal
For a new year of health, consider some new things from BioTerra Herbs. I’ve received, but not completely played with a couple of varieties I was drawn to because of crazy names and, of course, the health benefits: There’s "AHH" (Detox), "SHUSH" (Snoring) and "Z-Z-Z" (Sleep), 
For digestive issues there is "BELCH."   "GAHH" could get you going and for energy there is "BOING."
This company is not playing around. They offer non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Natural, products.
Darragh Doiron loves sharing the good stuff with Port Arthur News readers.

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