Monday, May 18, 2015

Growing, watching butterflies

Painted lady butterfly. Photo by Darragh Doiron

Watching butterflies
The chrysalis-to-butterfly story is familiar to us. But have you watched it happen? When Insect Lore sent me  a cup of caterpillars to watch emerge in a pop-up net, I had my doubts that those little critters would turn into the proverbial beautiful butterfly.
Oh my, I did it! I collected flowers and dropped sugar water on them and the butterflies became stronger and more beautiful every day. After a time, you must set them free. My family gathered on the patio for the big event. Some could not wait to get out. Others were shy and needed prompting. Eventually all of them went up like little prayers into the sky, many straight for the aromatic magnolia tree.
Insect Lore calls itself the original butterflies by mail company since 1969. I could not have imagined how much fun this was, and we don’t even have small children at home. Look up this company to grow your own fun.

Jude’s Abstract Artwork
Jude is a little kid and also an artist… with autism. And boy is his grandma, Ann Cutshall, proud of him. Texas Artists Museum has some of his abstracts on the wall. Jude’s Abstract Artwork is at Jude & Granny’s Gallery, which also features oil or pencil portraits. Find them on Facebook or call 409-332-6012.

Stop by the Art Museum of Southeast Texas for some “Abstraction.,” selections from the permanent collection, on view through Sept. 6. Three members in my party were attracted to a large abstract that made me want to assemble combs and paint and create something myself. Another work, suspended from the ceiling, dangled in my path and put me in mind of some overworked brooms I’ve known. Got to love art. It’s your own interpretation.

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