Monday, May 18, 2015

Shop Port Neches, so long rosemary


Mae Terro at Attic on the Avenue in Port Neches. Courtesy photo by Darragh Doiron

Shop Port Neches
Attic on the Avenue has some resale finds that benefit us all. Mae Terro showed off an array of knick knacks at this Port Neches store, one of many that help local people with United Board of Missions funding. I saw a little red wooden rocker like I used to have, and then there was all the colored plate glass.
This is just one of many fun shops along Port Neches avenue that sell both new and vintage goodies you’ll want to take home. Spring weather is perfect for exploring your area.

So long, rosemary.
One of my favorite bushes has left me. It was actually a set of rosemary bushes and they’re all gone. Who wouldn’t want some healthy bushes with succulent, fragrant green needles inviting them to inhale?
Seriously, the girls were along a path where I have walked for years. Actually, they were a tad off the path, but I took some extra steps to pass by them, brush against them and breathe in the smell of Christmas, of roasted meats and of a holiday home.
I felt a physical loss when I saw they were gone.
I decided to look forward to whatever new plans owners had to have removed such lovely bushes.
I confess, I had started my own tiny specimens from clippings of these bushes, so I suppose I have rosemary’s sisters at my home.
I also have other walks where rosemary has cousins.

Magnolia time
Some have just a few blooms when you pass by, then two days later you see they are full. It’s magnolia blossom time and I’m loving it. Sometimes the first bloom is way up high like a Christmas tree star. I always ask my husband to pick it for me. He always says it’s in someone else’s yard and he’s not going to climb their tree.

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