Sunday, July 19, 2015

Adapting and being a dad

My bad school supplies
Debbie Lynn has MS and all the problems that come with it. When her Godmother suggested that as long as she needed crutches they may as well be cherry red, then Lynn started thinking of solutions and adaptability and came up with Adaptolution. Now she thinks everyone should decorate their personal space. So you have fine line markers, giant erasers that say “my bad,” giant paper clips, nose shaped pencil sharpeners and tacks with “googly” eyes. Did I mention winky face sticky notes and how vivid the oolors are? Go to to learn more, read her blog and start decorating.

* “Just Be A Dad”
George Cave, Ph.D., is basically telling fathers that they have to “know when to fold them.” Why talk to a teen with some “why” questions when you actually want some different answers.
This book is full of good advice for being a good, listening husband and father and it would make a great gift for a brand-new father. Unfortunately those who may need it most may not be willing to get all into it. There comes that listening part again.
Try to hear what a child is trying to say and then allow that child to make his or her own decisions as much as possible.  That’s just a tiny bit of thinking from this author. It’s a Tignor Publishing issue.

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