Sunday, July 5, 2015

Library has books!

Goodness knows my husband loves his library for movie rentals. Patrons are always using the computers.
I take lunch breaks reading magazines at the Port Arthur Public Library. Once I read all the way around the rack, the next month’s issues are out and I start all over again.
The other day something caught my eye. Books! Crazy, I know. I’ve always noticed the seasonal displays of books in the center aisle, on my way back to the magazines. I picked one up on hydro gardening and went through that rotation. These got me full of ideas on how to decorate my potted patio garden.
Summer reading clubs were part of my youth and I passed that love to my daughter. Southeast Texas has great libraries in all our cities. Visit one soon!

Summer at the pool
Ever heard of a rash shirt? Or Tom & Teddy, the Australian-based swim wear line? Dads and sons can match in high-quality trunks this summer.
In some cases, the hand-me-down trunks are all you need, but it’s possible the men in your life have never enjoyed the luxury of a Tom & Teddy. Mine hadn’t until the red and blue octopus print arrived. These trunks are sleek and soft and offer these perks:
•  UV protected, salt water and chlorine resistant
•  Quick drying microfiber fabric that's super soft
•  Fresh, vibrant pops of color and adventurous patterns
This is resort wear. Cruise wear. Beach wear. Not planning on any of that? They’re still going to feel and look amazing fishing down the road or in the yard with the sprinkler going. These trunks call for bonding time in the sun and sand.
From looking online I’ve learned that rash tops or “rashers” are what surfers like to wear to protect themselves from the sun. This line of rash tops each have UPF 50+, which protects from 98% of the sun's intense rays. So, when vacation is over, Dad can rash on while mowing the lawn.

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