Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creamer yields surprise dessert options
I think this could be a secret I’m revealing, or maybe you’ve already had this idea.
I drink coffee black, so I never really noticed those little plastic creamers until they started coming in flavors, like vanilla, hazelnut and Irish cream. I still like the fact that my coffee has zero calories, so I’ve come up with other uses for the cream.
A little package goes a long way in drenching a cake, fruit or making a liquor drink into a memorable dessert.
Culinary thrill seekers, play with this and share your ideas.

Thanks, Clint
Clint, of Clint’s Texas Salsa, has done a fine job with a collection of mild, medium and hot sauces. The twist is Serrano pepper, which everyone who tried it with me noticed. I wonder if northern folk would notice this addition to the jalapeno. Clint’s Picante Inc. works out of San Antonio.

The new virgin oil
Centrifuge extracted virgin coconut oil is what Navitas Naturals call a Polynesian Superfood. I call this cold-pressed raw coconut oil a dreamy flavoring for rice salads and toast. It’s clear in the jar and clearly aromatic and delicious. Read the label for all the reasons it’s good for ya.

Republic of Tea
The Republic always has something good for fans this time of year. Take your respite with Coconut Cocoa or Double Dark Chocolate Mate tea, both in trademark tins with roasted carob. Most of my “tasters” were satisfied simply by inhaling from the open tin. This is a low-cal way to get in an afternoon treat.

Who’s that sweet thing?
Earlier I mentioned a guessing contest for Mrs. Butterworth, of syrup fame, to get a first name.
Shayla Doty, an Indiana teen and Cynthia Harmon of Illinois won $500 and a year’s supply of syrup by guessing her name.

It is Joy
Here’s what the company reports her parents debated on the newborn’s name: “The father-to-be, Mr. Butterworth, was in favor of the name Yvonne, while the mother-to-be felt she was more deserving of a name that would remind them of what a precious jewel she would be — Opal. Having not settled on a decision the day their giggling baby girl arrived, the doctor suggested "Jocelyn," meaning "the merry one." A light bulb lit above Daddy Butterworth's head, and he suggested combining the first letter from all three names, J-O-Y. Little did they know that years later, 'joy' was exactly what their daughter and her delicious syrup would bring to children at their breakfast tables.”

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