Monday, April 19, 2010

Sounds Good: New stuff energizes, glamorizes

First it sprays on you; it might grown on you. BaBoom! Energy Spray provides the boost, without the calories. If you like energy drinks, look for this at 7-Eleven. Spray one to five times and get as much as you want without having to buy a big can of energy drinks. Generex Biotechnology has a clever idea. One of my tasters likened the flavor to orange-flavored baby medicine. Others made a “face” at the taste, but I have to say, the second time was a charm, and I finished my work on time. It’s designed so that the energy solution is quickly absorbed through the inner lining of the mouth, so the consumer achieves the desired "boost" at a faster rate. It should last you through the summer.

Why frown?
“Frownies” asks wearers to “Feel the magic” of polypeptides and phenols in a concentrated micro-emulsion to maintain pH. The anti-wrinkle therapy label reads that it works immediately to relive the signs of stress, and who doesn’t have that. I enjoy squeezing what looks like liquid mud out of the tube and watching it sink into my skin. Why, just the motions of that could reduce stress. Tell me next time you see me if it’s working.

Mineral concept
I’m on board with the mineral makeup boom, but surprised to hear what Christopher Drummond Beauty has to say about it. The former model and makeup artist’s line goes all-natural, vegan and organic because he says most mineral makeup contains potentially toxic ingredients titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and zink oxide, that could irritate skin. He reminds us that skin is our largest organ. I’ve read rave reviews and have a few of my own regarding the smoothness and colors. Eye and lip colors feel light and rich at the same time and some even sparkle.

Herban Renewal
From Twinkle Toes natural, pink, glittery powder to sprinkle into dance shoes and Shoo! Monster anti-boogeyman dust to herbal soaps, salts, etc., Herban Renewal is making folks feel fresh and contributing to disabled and homeless in its Abilene home area. I’m sharing goodies from the Livi.LuLu “tween” line of skin nourishment. A clear bag suitable for a birthday gift includes Fab & Fruity fun with sparkling lotion, shower gel, lip balm and some lavender polish I covet. There’s even flip flops, stickers and spiky balls in there. The tag says WOW and I agree. Big girls like goodies, too.

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