Monday, April 26, 2010

That’ll wake you up
There’s a reason I put Tabasco in my smoothie. I love a recipe I saw years ago for a yogurt-poppyseed fruit salad dressing with a drop or two of Tabasco. I didn’t think it a stretch to add ginger and a few drops to my banana blender breakfast. It was a bit much, but tolerable. If you want to play with that, an after-dinner patio drink may work better.

Perfect Pinch
Many of you Culinary Thrill Seeking readers told me you were finding internet meal inspiration long before I got into it. All y’all, go to for a spin at McCormick’s latest concept, a personalized dinner plan to fit your mood. Categories range from Little Bit of Kick and Watch the Salt to Good for Guests and Surprise Me. The menu math calls for Lemon & Pepper Seasoning with fish, Salt Free Savory All Purpose seasoning with pork chops and Salad Supreme for a grilled chicken dish. I’ve enjoyed those three seasonings on a variety of grilled onions, omelet and salad.

Cereal stuff
Nothing against them, but I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve had Cheerios. A handful of the new Chocolate Cheerios, made with real cocoa, changed the course of my cereal path. I found them a great healthy dry snacking option with a sweet crunch.
The new Wheaties Fuel boxes make an impression on store shelves. Black and orange boxes with the artistic face of baseball champ Albert Pujols staring at passersby give a sleek, masculine feel. Sweet whole wheat flakes and crisp rice with real honey and cinnamon is the new breakfast of champions. Count me in.

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