Monday, May 9, 2011

Moms rock the day Sunday
There’s no telling the tally of flowers, candy, diamonds and dinners going around Mid-County in the name of Mother’s Day.
All I ever ask for is a clean house, and maybe some yard work, and it always seems the “free” gift is the hardest.
Families, do not underestimate the value of homemade coupons Mom can redeem for meal prep, dishwashing, foot massages and smooches-on-demand from anyone in the house. It’s probably exactly what she wants.

Prizes and doodads are motivational rewards for meeting goals, Rich Hatfield writes in “Triorities,” but make sure you read his “crazy talk” chapter on Give-Aways. “Hold on to your checkbook,” is his opening for an area of discussion on the good of good deeds. Use your annual bonus to buy your child braces, is one example. Going undercover to help a church member get a car is another. Large or small, the idea is to share from your abundance. The book cover features a brass scale with three measuring areas, representing a balance of God, family and work.

Remember cassettes?
chicBoom and RockBoom Cassette speakers for iPod are groovy little deals that aren’t what they seem. They look like old-fashioned cassette tapes, but are portable speakers that can pump out the volume. Makers offer it with a warning that these cool deals may cause others to stare. It’s the kind of attention you’ll want. As soon as my daughter saw the chicBoom, it was never again in my hands. Listen to this tagline:
“Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loud enough to get the party started.”
Then listen to your tunes. Connect to any listening device with a standard 3.5 mm stero jack. Built in rechargeable battery for up to two hours of distortion free sound. Stereo cable and USB cable included. This’ll set you back about $20. Visit to learn more.

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