Thursday, May 19, 2011

The yoga pants/ pizza tour of NYC
My friend has a walking tour plans for New York City. Dressed in yoga pants and Shape-Up shoes, she plans to try every Manhattan-style pizza she can find and walk off the calories. May I suggest to her Lolly yoga pants, which, to my delight, are designed with “curvy girls” in mind. The texture is superior and the comfort is second-to-none. I don’t even do yoga, but her love of the yoga pants has convinced me that sweats are generally sloppy by comparison.

Lube for the lips
Essential Journeys will take you to the most aromatic places with products such as Soap by the Slice, Salt for the Tub and Lube for the Lips. Lotion for the body scents with chamomile and white tea extract for what I call a fine hotel quality feel. Ginger Quince soap suspends curlicue and flower shapes in a field of green. A stack of bars will upgrade your bathroom d├ęcor.

21 drops
Remember roll-on lip gloss? I remember reading in a magazine, perhaps 16 or Teen Beat, that Shaun Cassidy had kissed a girl with strawberry lip gloss. Now more mature women, and men who kiss them, can try 21 drops in a sleek roll-on with a textured case. I tried #01, Invigorate, designed to roll on wrists and stimulate circulation, motivate and energize. It’s a warming oil to help oxygenate the blood and promote blood flow. Black pepper and dried fruit oil , juniper fruit oil and rosemary leaf oil are just a few components.

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