Friday, May 13, 2011

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I steal from legendary News columnist Martha “Toodlum” Ferguson in proclaiming:
Port Arthur, I love you and everyone in it.
I’m lovin’ the city in a different way, from down the road. I’ve spent 23 years covering the Port Arthur area’s people through their high times and pastimes, in sickness and in health.
I’ve left to accept a position at the Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau, promoting the area in only a slightly different way. The seawall, Larry Judice and family, Pompeiian Villa and Museum of the Gulf Coast are still some of my favorite things about the city, and now I get to help visitors from all over appreciate them, too.
Reporter Mary Meaux’s column outing us as the Odd Couple brought me emotions as well as calls and e-mails asking “what’s up?” She cited our differences in a comic sense. Our likeness is our passion to tell our readers’ stories.
I arrived at my new office in time for a tour from East Texas Tourism Association members and National Tourism Week, May 9-13, and got busy. I’m so pleased that the PACVB board and News management supported my continued columns. So I don’t have to say “farewell” just yet.
But, I have had the challenge of attempting to reduce more than two decades into a couple of plastic bins and the lid won’t close on the memories.
In piles of files I found thank you notes and tokens from people who have made impressions on me. This includes the Jesus-on-sardine-can in a frame of crochet purple yarn and a stamped cross with recognition to Hurricane Rita that sources gave me.
Readers, I’ll see you around!

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