Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Billingsley back in books
“A Good Man is Hard to Find,” says ReShonda Tate Billingsley. It’s the title of her just-out book about an affair spiced with danger halfway around the world. The former area anchor is a prolific writer of faith-based novels, so read up. Her next one, “Say Amern, Again,” is due out this summer.

Very clever, my husband noted when he saw the words “navy,” “black,” “brown,” etc. were marked at the toe of oh-so-comfortable socks. Matching socks pre-dawn in the bedroom is a problem solved. Some try to beat the system by owning just one color, but fashion sometimes dictates variety. Kudos to Susan and Michael James, for founding Smarty Toes and solving spousal sock controversy before it starts. Now husbands and wives don’t have to argue on the sock color issue.
Good socks are a luxury men and women deserve. has an amazing assortment of high-quality wares including a “shorty” for athletes.
Ozone’s collection includes a novelty men of Southeast Texas should love. The design of the sock looks like a knife is strapped to the wearer’s calf.

If tomorrow weren’t a holiday, you might be packing a school lunch for Monday. I woke up to find a sticky note on the bathroom mirror with one word: “Delicious.” My college-age daughter can’t get over how much she liked Organic Mashups, a squeez-out fruit and veggie smoothie from Revolution Foods that’s designed for little kids. Carroty Chop, Blueberry Blitz and Beetbox Berry has a kind of applesauce consistency and is colorfully packaged for lunch boxes so children will ask for it, instead of sugary processed stuff. My daughter is studying to be a dietician, so I follow her advice. She had a Mashups as a late-night snack. I followed up with a breakfast squeeze.

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