Friday, June 10, 2011

A tres leches tale for Sunday morning
Nobody stopped me from eating fish and ice cream for breakfast in San Antonio.
To be more specific, I attended a fantastic conference brunch at the Westin Riverwalk featuring lox, a favorite of mine. Representatives from Columbus, Ohio, where next year’s conference will be, flew in local waffles made with beet sugar and offered them topped with a variety of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams from their fair city. Salty caramel with an amazing cool-yet-burnt flavor was my favorite, but I also tried and enjoyed Ugandan vanilla bean and strawberry buttermilk.
This brunch featured about 15 other things, but I actually went back for more fish and ice cream. What a crazy, memorable combo. I praised the flavors to the Columbus fellow in the elevator, and he said they brought Jeni’s “tame” flavors. He mentioned a goat’s milk and fig deal and cucumber is mentioned in her press coverage.

Pass the La Crème
A little goes a long way with what’s billed as the first all-dairy, flavored creamer available nationally. Since February
LALA has been pitching this yummy natural stuff that has the goods of calcium, protein and Vitamin D. It is lactose free and contains no artificial hormones. Unlike non-dairy creamers, it contains no trans fats.
So what do you need to know? Start by asking yourself, “Will it be French or Cinnamon Vanilla today?” I’d pick hazelnut every day, but there’s original for others.

Just a little bit will make your summer fruit into a rich dessert. You can cook with this stuff, or whip up a variety of adult beverages. Here’s one that could go either way:
Shots Shaken, Not Stirred
1/2 cup cold-brewed coffee
1/2 cup French Vanilla real dairy creamer
Shaved chocolate as garnish
Place coffee and the real dairy creamer in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, and then strain the ingredients into double shot glasses. Garnish with shaved chocolate. Serves 4. For an older crowd, substitute a 1/2 cup of Kahlua for the cold-brewed coffee.

A cold one, low cal
If you order the white sauce at an Asian restaurant and appreciate subtle flavors, Artic Zero could be your go-to treat. It’s sure to be the talk of the summer as the first 150 calorie pint of all natural ice cream. Of course, that could open the door for crazy toppings, so be careful.
Mint Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Maple, Coffee, and Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry and Pumpkin. I tried several of these and found them very light. I think some fresh fruit would add to the experience. Makers want consumers to know you can pronounce the ingredients and the product is gluten free, lactose intolerant friendly, low sugar, low glycemic and suitable for type 2 diabetics.

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