Thursday, March 1, 2012

Phone call from the boss could mean good news

I picked up a charm that reads “Free your mind from worries.” You have to remind yourself to do that. Todd Patkin has written a big reminder in “Finding Happiness.” He calls it a man’s quest to beat depression and anxiety and finally let the sunshine in. Once he put his fears and pain into perspective, he found success in helping others shine. He shares his good, bad and ugly and provides plenty of tips. Here’s my favorite: When he supervised managers, he’d call their homes when they did a superior job. He’d try to get the answering machine, so he could leave a message for the spouse and children of his employee to offer big hugs that night.

Helping others shine is one sure way to feel good about yourself, too.

How short is it?

Talk about a page turner. Sean Hill’s book “Very Short Stories: 300 Bite-Size Works of Fiction” fit a couple on a page. A sentence or two tells it all, with stories shorter than this good review. Here’s one:

“Brought home a talking mule to impress my family, but he was a smooth talker. He quickly turned them against me, taking my spot at the table.”

What was that? I’ve heard plenty jokes with longer set ups. I love these bites. Here’s one more:

“Bill left the coffee shop disappointed. She hadn’t come. He felt rejected. Pam waited patiently at another Starbucks across the street.”

Organic bliss

Lent is, for me, a time of awareness and reminds me to care for the body with good food and medical check ups. Sevani “positively pure” holistic skin care is something fragrant and luxurious I sampled in a tiny brown bottle. Sheryl Gibbs, an aesthetician, created the eco-friendly line to “renew, repair and rejuvenate.” Serum Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil is based on “pure plant intelligence” and feels like the cherished oils people in the Bible would enjoy. Visit for more information.

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