Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bowling you over

Doug Davidson is handing out kid discounts for MaxBowl Centers. He recently updated Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce members with news that the center at 3500 Regional Center Drive has had some work done, and a new look for the grill is coming up. I’d mentioned leopard print duct tape in another column. This cool stuff is actually a prize you can claim from the very flashy new game center Davidson is proud to show off.


Have you seen the Yonanas commercial? The woman puts chunks of frozen banana into a counter-top appliance and out comes some yummy-looking frozen stuff that’s a wee fraction of the calories of ice cream, and it’s good for you. You could use other fruits and make berry/banana blends and top it with syrup and nuts. Or you could grind up some chocolate with the fruit. With this machine you could be the frozen treat mom of the neighborhood, and satisfy barbecue guests with more adult blends.

I’ve sampled a Yonanas machine and I agree, families can have a lot of fun with this. It’s a great get-healthy project that can be a “teaching moment” on nutrition. I’ve long been a fan of simply freezing slices of bananas and dropping them in to yogurt. If you look on the internet, lots of people have made their own reviews, but I’m thinking, they clearly didn’t follow provided directions. The fruit needs to be the right size and nuts go onto your serving, not into the machine. Be careful not to let a lot of your product get left behind in Yonanas. Make sure it all gets in the bowl. I found it a tad of a chore to clean, but I’m funny that way. Yonanas can encourage your family to eat more fruit, and I encourage that.

Cleans up good

Roux Maison’s new collection of eco-friendly laundry products will help you love wash day into the night. Try Essential Detergent, lavender-based in Ambrosia, or Sweet Tea and Fragrance Free. I loved Ambrosia’s delicate scent on a blouse and it’s a natural for fresh sheets that will help you get to sleep. A Delicate line is for fine washables and a Sports edition deals with bacteria while it works to maintain elasticity of those stretchy work-out togs. Look for Roux Maison Swimwear to deal with salt water, chlorine and sunscreen and a stain remover works on organic and non-organic stains.

Parents may want to try Vaska’s Perfect in scent-free for a botanical blend their toddlers will appreciate. It’s concentrated to reduce the product’s carbon footprint, and got my goods clean. Vaska also has a fabric softener, Oxygen Brightener and Spott Off. Both lines are approved for high efficiency washers.

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