Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tingly in the legs, runway feet and eyes have it

When is it okay for a lady to wear tight clothing? How about for medical reasons, or when she just wants to feel all tingly and look amazing? RejuvaHealth has put the sexy into compression garments, which I am learning women of all ages have felt “sentenced” to for a variety of painful swelling issues. I know someone my own youthful age who will have to wear these indefinitely. Patients who are tired of the beige hospital look of most offerings can thank Kelsley thought diamond, dot and floral patterns, of knee and thigh highs would add some zing in her day. Pantyhose cost a pretty penny, but the emphasis is on the pretty, if you doc says you have to wear them, anyway. The models in lush leopard and purple paisley look like they could be wearing Victoria’s Secret selections instead of what our grandmas referred to as sup hose. Features in the line include graduated compression, a microfiber blend, homeycomb waistband, and the tummy tamer top. I tried knee highs with a fitted heel and did not want to take them off. I felt cradled with support, but also full of energy. Visit online or call 1-877-7-REJUVA.

Now down to the feet

Something old and something new is in Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment. As much as Iove herbs, I’d never heard of Butcher’s Broom, which combines with argan oil and shea butter. Makers add some high tech ingredients and peptide infused technology for a restorataive, exfoliating and conditioning cream that means business on your heels.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals, distributed in Great Neck, N.Y. and London, England, puts out tubes of this good stuff.

Yellow carrots

Colorful Harvest has a great story as to why their foods have so many hues. Jewel-like red kernels on sweet corn is from naturally high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanins. But there’s more than that. Doug Ranno was into taste, color and nutrition even before his second child was born with severe food allergies. Then he went to town with heirloom seeds and a passion for produce that both kids and chefs would like. I’m somewhere between, a home cook who considers that sweet corn like a flavorful, aromatic memory of every fall of my youth. The yellow carrots were “meaty,” not some artificial little cube that epitomizes packaged food. Visit their website to get the goods.


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