Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yellow Jacket found and Olympic toasts

Yellow Jacket found and Olympic toasts

Thomas Jefferson High School alumni should be interested to know that Shawn Bruno has the Yellow Jacket mascot. It’s not a school prank, he owns it fair and square and it’s at his place, Bruno & George Winery in Sour Lake. If you take a tasting tour, you’ll see for yourself.

Use his wine to toast the Olympic victories that have been playing out for the home viewers. He makes a Yellow Jacket Raspberry and a Cardinal Cranberry, which appears to be a nod to another hall of education he loves.

Bruno’s wines are based on his grandfather’s Italian methods. Other Than Standard Raisin Wine and Cardinal Cranberry won recent awards in San Francisco, and Bruno invites Southeast Texans to make an appointment for a tour and tasting. He says no one leaves his winery unhappy. Other blends include Candlelight Strawberry, Holiday Blueberry, White Orchard Pear, Signature Peach and Arapaho. Call Bruno at (409) 963-8235 for your appointment.

More toasting

How about some energy drinks for an Olympic toast? They’re making them different these days, and nothing seems as different as SLAP FROZEN Energy. It’s a pouch you freeze, then defrost for a bit, then squeeze like you mean it. What comes right into your mouth is a slushy, fruity refresher that’s unique. Your team will love it.

Scheckter’s Organic Energy is a smooth can of bubbly without synthetic caffeine and other artificial stuff. UK’s Great Taste Awards gave it a gold award, and you might, too. Makers have included a comparison to similar drinks, and this is one I’d pick for both taste and health. It will appeal to discriminating adults.

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