Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dickie's is open and one-pot goes diabetes friendly

Dickie’s is open!
         You can smell Dickey’s Barbecue Pit from pretty far away, so it’s pretty crazy once you’re inside. Despite the satisfying brisket, chicken and cheddar sausage I had sampled, I had another favorite.
         When Jeff at the door asked how everything was, I told him I liked the onions best. For a moment he thought I was talking about the raw, white onion rings barbecue lovers can help themselves to with their pick of three sauces. I told him I did appreciate access to these rings, a very necessary accoutrement to this genre of dining. I had brought some of my own in my purse, just in case.
         I was actually referring to the paper bag of fried onion tangles I’d ordered as a side dish with fried okra. Great picks for me, although Jenni at the register boasted of the mac and cheese.
         I’ve already got plan for next time: Polish sausage on a big baked potato.
         Just in case you have missed all the talk on the new Dickie’s, I’ll tell you it’s at 1629 South U.S. 69 in the mall that features The Schooner Resaurant near by, and across from Central Mall. Dickie’s is a Dallas-based company and has a franchise in Lumberton, I learned at their ribbon cutting where they were welcomed into the Nederland and Port Arthur chambers of commerce.

Just one pot
         If you remember one-pot meals as a mash-up of brown, soupy meats and limp veggies, let Linda Gassenheimer enlighten you. After her tips on shopping smart and healthy and food prep, jump into her ideas for quick and diabetes-friendly meals that will get any gourmet’s attention.
         Listen to these ideas: Pork and Caraway Scented Red Cabbage, Saag Gosht (Indian Lamb Stew) Garlic Steak and Rice, Mu Shu Pork Wrap with Bok Choy and Orange Apricot Chicken.
          I love that the one-pot idea has gone international. Even some “regulars” get spiced up here. Buffalo Sloppy Joes really calls for buffalo meat, and Tuna Casserole has Parmesan cheese, tarragon and other suprises.
         These are easy in concept and big on flavor. Get the family involved as you make something like Red Flannel Hash, which gets its color from beets. I’ve learned some tricks on a topic I already love: seeking out more healthy options and trying new flavors. Thanks, Linda.
         Oh, and the American Diabetes Association is also impressed. Their seal is on the cover.

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