Sunday, August 9, 2015

Get into "girltrunks"

I wonder what actual percentage of the American female population actually enjoys shopping for and wearing swimsuits. Okay, let’s narrow the search to those over 25.
But hey, it’s summer in Southeast Texas and we have stuff to do. Sure there’s the resort pool, but there’s Sea Rim State Park and kayaking in Village Creek and boating up to the Neches River Wheelhouse. We have to look good!
Now women can get liberated with “girltrunks” that are lined like men’s trunks. Get out, I mean it. Get over to www.girltruks.comand see how simple a stylish, colorful suit can get. We deserve this. The shorts in different lengths snap shut, dry quickly and allow all sorts of modest movement. Girls just want to have fun, and these printed tops in great cuts pair with the basic black shorts. This brand gets women out and into the water (or deck chair or jet ski or sandy beach).

Leftover paint?
Have you ever heard of the Paint Quality Institute? It’s a real thing, and News reporter Mary Meaux tipped me off that readers of this quirky column might like the institute’s ideas for fun uses of leftover paint. I think she’s right. Let’s go with these:

*  Colorize some flowerpots.  Paint them one solid color, or embellish them with pattern for more panache.

* Dress up a dresser.  Have an old dresser that’s tired-looking? Spice it up with paint.  Use different colors on different parts for added visual interest.  Do the same with an old stool, table, or cabinet.

*  Rejuvenate “junk” furniture.  Check out your attic or your neighbors’ discards.  You might find hidden treasure in the form of a unique piece just pining for a fresh coat of paint.

* Put a stamp on your walls.  Add pizzazz to painted walls with a handcrafted patterned border.  Fashion a “stamp” out of an old sponge in the pattern of your choice, then dip it in the leftover paint and dab new color onto the walls.  Voila!  Custom design.

*  Speak with an accent.  Express your home’s individuality by adding accent color to a door, doorway, or an entire wall.  The unexpected color will make your interior something special.

*  Stencil something.  Using a homemade or commercial stencil, apply paint to just about anything – a piece of furniture, a wall, or even the floor.  It can render the ordinary, extraordinary.

* Make like an artist.  Why buy art supplies, when you already have a handpicked palette of colors you like?  Use them as is, or mix them as needed to create murals or fine art.
* Frame your artwork.  Repaint the frames on your prints, paintings, and drawings to give them a fresh appearance.  Or, paint a simulated “frame” right on the wall to draw attention to favorite objects or sculpture.

Most of these projects take just a small amount of paint, but they can make a big difference in your home d├ęcor. For how-to information on these and other paint projects, visit the Paint Quality Institute blog at

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