Monday, December 21, 2015

Beaumont Community Players has hit in "Both"

Beaumont Community Players has a hit in “Both”

Mark Wilson played Father McKenzie in “Both,” a story he wrote that tells the story of the Nativity through the music of The Beatles.
You heard me right. It’s important to know that “All You Need is Love,” that everybody needs “Help” and “Here Comes the Sun” can imply the baby Jesus.
Beaumont Community Players presented “Both” and didn’t charge a thing for it. I teared up through most of the show. My husband went back to see it again. I communicated with some of the cast members and get the impression that they were as transformed by the production as I was. “Imagine.”

“Change Your Story, Change Your Life”
So maybe you’re not ready to take a shamanistic journey. But you may be ready to change the way you think about negativity, so you can get past it.
Carl Greer’s book is subtitled “Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation.
In one anecdote a woman shares is imagining a symbol of a silver spoon to represent healing the relationship with her parents. A spoon is kind of small and it can tarnish. That’s it, the spoon is saying. You have to work a little to find the beauty in this nurturing tool.

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