Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Can you name the 'boudin' capital?

Did you know Scott, La., is the Boudin Capital of the World? Lots of signs proclaim it, and I’m not gonna dispute it. In fact, I’d like to take a couple of days and taste them all for myself.
I did check out Don’s Specialty Meats offering the “best homemade boudin & cracklins.” See how they spelled that? “Boudin.” Now I’m not going to argue with that, either, but I put another letter in “boudain.”
Anyways, this store has some good each, and I was tickled that they have neon signs guiding the way. No matter how you spell it, I think it’s funny to see “boudin” and “cracklins” up in lights.

Sparkly holidays
What you want to know about Dermelect Cosmeceuticals have keratin protein peptide-hydrolyzed keratin extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool that helps strengthen nails.
That news is almost as much fun as the winter color collection: of “ME.” Hold “ME”is Sparkled Midnight Noir, and I have been seeing this color in the skies of late. Thrill “ME” is frosted evergreen; Kiss “ME” is Velvet Crimson and Sleigh “ME” is Arctic Shimmer.
I’m shimmering now and it is an eye- and light-catching glow that seems a bit silver and gold at the same time. Ready for oysters and Champaign? This one will go through New Year’s Eve.
This cruelty-free product resists UV rays, chipping and splitting; restores nail flexibility and fore sure has no formaldehyde.

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