Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stuff those stockings with joy

For years my good friends at Museum of the Gulf Coast have reminded me to mention that the gift shop has Port Arthur-inspired ideas for the holidays. History books on local legends, T-shirts and jewelry are some choices.
Go to town at an array of area shops and get crafty at home. I’m looking to find someone who can turn some silverware into jewelry and windchimes for me.
I’m also thinking any brand of step counter you wear on your wrist is a great idea for a good friend or spouse. Walk your way to fitness next year. How about a membership to an area museum or club?
Here are some other ideas:

Despite all the ideas I share with readers, I don’t do much online business. I want to say that Tweezerman has lived up to its name with the offer of free sharpening. I sent off two very old pair and they came back good as new. The website informed me that if the tweezers could not be sharpened, I’d get a discount on a new pair. So either way, the company came through.
It’s true that now I’m on their mailing list, so I can tell you they have quite the array of holiday offerings.

For the tech/chic savvy
In the days of “A Christmas Story,” kids got all bundled up and sometimes frozen to a pole. In the south, we worry less about freezing weather, but we want to stay warm. Who would have imagined we’d risk getting colder for using our smart phones and listing to our jam. Now U|R Powered offers Touchscreen Gloves and Audio Headwear for looking oh, so cool while keeping warm and connected.
U|R Powered’s holiday looks include gloves in knit, fleece, genuine sheepskin leather and heated nylon, so “fingers are kept warm, and stay dexterous.” Lined to keep body heat in and moisture out, the insulating materials are eco-friendly and contain zero trace of metals. U|R Powered’s stylish audio headwear allows wearers to enjoy music in comfort and warmth sans pesky earbuds that never seem to stay in place, makers say. I’m going for basic black gloves that should be in style forever and rocking the pullover hat that lets you hear your tunes as you walk off those Christmas pounds on the track. I rank these as high-quality options that will look good when we tend to get our most chilly weather… perhaps around Mardi Gras parade time?
 www.urpowered.com. Prices range from $36 to $75 for audio headwear and touch screen gloves.

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