Sunday, April 14, 2013

Becoming Flawsome

We all make mistakes, but instead of worrying about them, social media guru Erik Qualman says we should learn from them and improve our efforts. Take the flaw, and make it awesome. That would be “flawsome,” he told his audience at Lamar University’s Montagne Center. Qualman is called the Digital Dale Carnegie and is the author of Socialnomics.”  I like the way he thinks.

Meals in a Jar
There’s a whole lot of reasons to save your jars and get canning in the kitchen. Not the least reason is that not much could make the home cook look more industrious than an array of jars labled
Kettle Corn, Rustic Pie, Chipotle Chicken, Cornmeal Pancakes and Armenian Lentil Soup. So maybe you’ll need a dehydrator for those lemon slices and vacuum for the pizza kit. It’s an investment of equipment and time like our ancestors used to make to be healthy, economical and well fed. Julie Languille’s new book is “Meals in a Jar, Quick and Easy Just-Add-Water, Homemade Recipes. The work comes in advance, but you’d sure want to be on the receiving end of these jars of goodness ready for dinner.

So steamed
Joy Mangano for HSN has suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts and I can tell you, I’m a huge fan of Huggable Hangers. Get to for more on goods such as Ultimate Better Beauty Case Set, Forever Fragrant SticksClothes It All Luggage, GreenPan by Todd English, and the Corelle For Joy Mangano Collection.
I tried a purple My Little Steamer and it works as good as makers claim. I didn’t hold it quite right on my first try and it worked. When I did it right, it worked even better. Be careful with hot steam, but know that it’s a quick and easy way to freshen up you duds, scarves, etc. I think I’m headed to the window panels next.

 The Joy Mangano 900-Watt Deluxe My Little Steamer is easier than ironing, a chore that has never captured my interests or skill set. This Purple Orchid little baby is a travel version and also comes in Espresso, Fall Pink, Golden Yellow, Pacific Blue, Willow Green, Wheat, Sandalwood, Olive/Moss Green, Sapphire/Periwinkle Blue, Bright White, Country Red and Graphite.

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