Monday, April 22, 2013

Boxed in and beauty

Boxes have been a big part of my life for the past year as I’ve helped a number of people move and consolidate their residences.
Unpakt (, a comparison pricing site and online booking tool for consumers searching for a moving company, has tips for a green eco-move:
Used Boxes
: You can pack your belongings in used boxes.  There is no reason to contribute to deforestation when free, used boxes can typically be found at local restaurants and bars, grocery stores, etc.
Recycle Your Boxes: Recycle your boxes or give them to someone who might need them.
Plastic Bins
: There are companies that rent plastic bins.  This eliminates the need to use cardboard and tape. 
Packing SuppliesTry using eco-friendly biodegradable tape to pack up your boxes or bins.  Instead of bubble wrap, try using towels, linens, tees, sweatshirts, blankets and other items you need to move anyway. 

Big beauty ideas
Big words like Melanozyme™ are in elure, but makers challenge women to go small, as in giving one’s beauty product area a spring cleaning, because their award-winning trio is all one needs for luminous skin. I like the smooth feeling of Advanced Face Wash which promises to lather up and remove dead skin cells, so you’re already ahead by just washing. Advanced Skin Brightening Lotion contains that big word and comes with a big price tag. Pump from one side, then from the other a minute later for the activator. Advanced Lightening Night Cream also has Bio-Activator. I agree that this is the season to try Elure, because everyone wants to peel off the old and get a fresh start for summer. Here’s to looking good.

The Doctor’s Wife
Prickly pear helps with smooth skin? The Doctor’s Wife says yes. This cruelty-free line features Menthe Blanche Microfoliator that offers the kind of cool scrubbing-away of all worries that a woman could look forward to all day. Where is it now? I want some.
If you want to get all technical, look up why it’s so good for you at, but I’m headed for the bottle.

DIY beauty
How many times has this happened to you? A professional spa treatment leaves you with flawless, hydrated, super soft skin, but it’s inevitable that daily grime and environmental exposure take their toll. Your dull skin craves another treatment.
Women who treat themselves to one facial may go a long time before a second, but JF Aesthetic skincare has medical-grade ingredients that board-certified plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD, FACS, has designed to prolong treatments at home.
The products are working great for me, and I didn’t begin at the spa. The Weekly Mini-Peel Brightener Lite works very well. Swipe it on at night and boost cell turnover. What a difference.
My favorite is the smooth R●nol 20 Serum in a drop bottle. It extends a microdermabrasion and just feels so good going on as it reduces fine linesJF Aesthetic Advanced KojiCream is a non-hydroquinone brightener to work with your sunspots, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Though a new round of beauty products is an investment, Dr. Few’s designs can save lots of money in a short time. Meanwhile, you look great.

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