Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chesnutt to release “Tracie’s Song” May 15
Mark Chesnutt’s country music has a home in our hearts and his contributions have a place of honor at Museum of the Gulf Coast. Here’s what the promotion company says about his autobiographical dedication:
One of country music’s finest stylists, Mark Chesnutt, is set to introduce his latest single entitled “When The Lights Go Out (Tracie’s Song)” written and recorded as a loving autobiographic dedication to his devoted wife, Tracie, and validating once again Chesnutt’s foothold as a mainstay in the country music format.

Trademarked by Chesnutt’s vocal performance, the single (scheduled for a May 15, 2013 release and available on Play MpE) is simplistic in lyric and delivery, authentic in presentation and quintessential in time. Written alongside long-time friend and producer Jimmy Ritchey and “Chesnutt hitmaker” Roger Springer (“It’s A Little Too Late” ”Thank God For Believers”), the ballad is a true-to-life short story illustrative of Chesnutt’s life as a career performer and road warrior, and his enduring lifetime love, Tracie Chesnutt.

“I guess this song has been in the works for the last twenty some-odd years,” Chesnutt introduced. “I’m blessed to have a woman who understands me and this crazy music business. When we sat down to write, this song was already written; it wrote itself thanks to Tracie.”

Maria and Louis
Maria Block let me know I could write about anything I wanted as I attended ceremonies of her marriage to Louis Saldana. He sang a song to her at the church that touched everyone, then the party headed from Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Port Acres for a Mexican spread from Elena’s, a favorite pair of restaurants in Beaumont. Louis is the brother of Elena. Esther Benoit, a guest known for her restaurant days and continued good cooking, introduced me to Elena. It was a thrill for me to be in the presence of the Esther-Elena presence, but no one was having more fun than the dancing, glowing bride and groom.

Quota on Barbecue
Quota International of Southeast Texas has asked Cooks Two Dozen to prepare chicken barbecue dinners for $10 a plate. They’ll be on sale from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 18, at M&D Supply, 4580 College St. in Beaumont. Call (409) 363-2306 for delivery on orders of 10 or more.

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