Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dress for the spirit

Gracewear Collection
I don’t know of a woman from my generation who puts on a cuff bracelet without thinking of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Gracewear Collection 2013 has gold and silver cuffs with lacy cross patterns designed for “Celebrating God’s Grace” through the Signature Shield of Faith Collection.
Look up Ephesians 6:10-18 to get the full symbolism behind  a “Helmet of Salvation,” “Breastplate of Righteousness,” “Belt of Truth,” Sword of the Spirit,” and “Shoes of Peace.” Much better than the skimpy looks in what your typical fashion magazine is touting. Wendy Strong Lupas and Mary Strong Blackburn say God calls us to “spiritually dress” for battles we face every day. These sisters have designed gold- and rhodium-plated rings, earrings, links, earrings, etc. that carry a passionate message for today’s woman warriors. 

Teeny tiny paintings 
The flamingo is a big, showy bird, but in “Exquisite Miniatures,” a magnifying glass is the best way to get all the pink detail that Wes and Rachelle Siegrest put into their little works of art. This exhibit is on display at Museum of the Gulf Coast through June 2. A brush the length of an eyebrow pencil, with what looks like about two or three bristles, is what they use. One image of a pelican has a boat in the background and the glasses provided at the museum help viewers make out detail in the nets and boat behind the ruffled feathers.
Here’s something else amazing about the two artists. They are married and create together. I’m sure more than one viewer has commented on the patience this close union must require to produce so much beauty in detail. All of the tiny little paintings on the museum walls and their pretty frames could fit into a gym bag.

Pine Tree Lodge
There were two gators in the calm waters by Pine Tree Lodge on a recent Monday. I enjoyed the calls of birds and frogs and the way the sun fell on marsh grass. I had a reason to be at this famous eatery off LaBelle Road on a day they are closed, but there was no aroma of seasoned fried foods. The family in charge said Monday is a day for U-turns. Cars and trucks full of families pull in, realized they’re closed and have to turn round again. Chances are, they’ll head back soon on another day.

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