Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter wishes and advice for 'big girls'

Easter wishes to all and here’s to what is hopefully a season of new growth and compainionship among friends and family. If you’re celebrating with a big chocolate bunny, eat an ear for me.

“Getting Waisted”
From post-World War II Europe, a move to Canada and then to Beverly Hills, Monica Parker has been funny, and fat. Her book “Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin” shows her writing skills in telling the captivating story of her life. Every cheesy, creamy bite of it and her struggles through pills, meat overload, exercise, liquid diets and more. Good thing she has friends, because family can be tough sometimes.
I hate to name drop, because Parker is so talented on her own, but it is cool to note she and Dan Akroyd had their first TV jobs together in Toronto and Gilda Radner was a guest on Parker’s exercise show. Later in California, Kim Cattrall was her bridesmaid.
I’m loving every chapter as Parker details what works, for a while, and what never works. One usually “reviews” a book when one has done reading it, but I don’t want this one to end.

These girltrunks are multi-taskers
I had a neighbor who mowed the lawn in her bikini, but must of us wouldn’t do that. Enter girltrunks, an alternative to teeny-weeny bikinis that you could wear while walking around the block, to a surfside restaurant or of course, in the water. They’re designed so bottoms won’t ride up and tops will stay down. I’m talking about mix-and-match tops and shorts that come down the thigh to respectable lengths and have a lining sewn in. They’re modest and functional, stylish and comfortable, especially for use larger women who aren’t typically giddy about our swim wear options.
The creator’s vision stemmed from a tankini and men’s swim trunks idea. It works. I’m spending the summer in a black and white striped top and very comfy shorts that dry quickly. They are available at in sizes 4-24 and come in two lengths. Directions: Get wet, get dry, go where you want with no extra cover up needed.

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