Sunday, April 27, 2014

No Bad Days

“I’ll have some more of the good stuff,” Bruce Hamilton bellowed at the Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Holiday Inn Park Central.
The “No Bad Days” speaker has been packing houses at Better Business Bureau lunch and learn sessions and Chamber members got to hear his ideas on why a positive attitude can make you and those around you more productive. If you’re not excited about yourself, no one else will be, he says.
So wipe off the “permafrown,” remember that attitude determines altitude (how high can you go?) and remember you’re not here to just get through the day, but get something from it. He shared his own personal story that I won’t mention here. Just go hear him speak when you can.
Next time people ask “What are you so happy about?” go ahead and tell them, Hamilton says.

Future Sticks
Don’t take your money out of pork bellies, but maybe you can put it on Future Sticks. Eat Well and Enjoy Life is the motto for a modern take on the ancient instruments. They have “teeth” for those with dexterity issues. Apparently, people have problems with chop sticks. Once I saw it was a “when in Rome” way to enjoy Asian food, I followed the directions on a paper wrapper and learned the lesson. But now Future Sticks break apart to fit in a carrying case, which you can personalize, and help you get those bean sprouts and dumplings into your mouth, where they belong.

Mine are a transparent plastic polymer dubbed ULTEM, a SABIC, USFDA certified food grade plastic, and can stand the heat. They go through the dishwasher and help trees from getting cut down.
Try them out for elegant slow eating on your lunch break.

Toothbrushes come in handy. There’s the household tip about running an old one through the dish washer so that you can use it to scrub in tiny spots, like between the faucets and wall. It’s good to recycle. But you many want get hold of a fresh Woobamboo! They look and feel so good that you’ll be using it for style as much as you are to keep countless nylon brushes out of the landfill. Bamboo is a beautiful, lightweight wood showing up in everything. This use seems a natural. Still glowing from Earth Day? Keep up the good work by supporting products like this.

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