Wednesday, June 11, 2014

East Texas and Hollywood reads

The reason “Visiting the Sins” is a hilarious story full of drama, is because it is set in East Texas. We can usually somehow laugh at our drama.
Every body has a chance to tell her side: Pokey, the trash-talking grandma; daughter Rebanelle, charged with the Baptist church organ of Thorny Bog; and her daughter Curtis Jean who has remained sober for years after a tumble off the roof in her nightgown. This family watches Miss Texas pageants with a pan of brownies and score cards. There’s a lot going on in this book and it happens over decades. You’ll love each year that Melanie Denman has shared.

Hollywood’s Golden Age
         Google actually helped me enjoy “City of Whores” all the more. It’s a simple story about a guy dreaming to make it big into movies who goes from waiter to celebrity to the skids in the early ‘50s. I wasn’t around, but Mark Perry’s book has made me feel like I was mixing with celebs I know, even Tab Hunter, who has ties to this area. By Googling, I looked up references to a car, camera, lighting fixtures, a sculpture and stars of the day.
         I was very into the characters by the time I read up on the author. He is an Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning writer-producer of such series as Revenge, Brothers & Sisters, Party of Five, Law & Order, Picket Fences, Northern Exposure, and The Wonder Years.
It’s just a great, sexy, emotional read with a couple of unexpected plot twists.. My mom, who did live through this era, is captivated, too.

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