Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Orange Means Safety

Orange Means Safety
Don’t pet the gators. There could be rattlesnakes in those beautiful Texas bluebonnets. Buckle up and wear a life preserver.
Summer fun and summer safety go together, especially on road trips.
The fifth annual Orange Means Safety event will be at the Texas Travel Information Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, June 6.
Sparky the Fire Dog, the Shangri La owl, Crash Dummies from Texas Department of Transportation, games and refreshments will be part of the mix. Becky Barker, center manager, said tips will encourage safety on everything from child car seats to animal protection and water precautions.
Folks from the area may have already enjoyed a stroll on the boardwalk, where there’s usually a gator in the swamp. It’s a first taste of Texas for thousands of visitors. The center welcomes an average of 600,000 visitors a year to Texas, Barker said. It features brochures on Texas attractions, parks and more. The rest stop/center, with a giant Texas star in front, is at Exit 880 on Interstate 10, in Orange, just past the Louisiana state line.

Found a penny at Chatzkies
I find a penny or more every day. I saw a real penny made into a charm at Chatzkies Home Décor, Etc. while strolling on Boston Avenue. Jill Tassin’s store has some lovely beach-themed and blue-glass options that put you in the summer mind. If you haven’t been, it’s time to get a glimpse of the fun going on at Chatzkies.

A blast of clean
I’m a big fan of Philips Sonicare’s toothbrush. Mine has been going strong for years. Some new Phillips gadgets that scream Father’s Day include a whitening toothbrush, beard trimmer and even an “air fryer” for cooking. Here’s something else from the “air line,” the Phillips Sonicare AirFloss, which blasts air and micro-droplet technology to remove up to five times more plaque and improve gums in as little as two weeks. Charge it at the base and keep blasting for several days with water or mouthwash. I’ve been enjoying this new kind of clean and mentioned it to someone who said the thought of these blasts would hurt her bums. Ironically, this sounds like her gums could use this product. It felt good to me. Call your dentist and check out the AirFloss.

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