Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hit the Texas coast

The Texas Highways magazine staff has been picking the best sand, sun, colors and cuisine. Tough job. The June issue features a tray of mud bugs held out over a dock on the water with the cutline “Seeing red Sabine Lake.”
The same “fiery- and warm-themed page includes a sunset view of the lighthouse at Bolivar pint and the Corpus Christi Marina dock at sunrise. No wonder everybody wants to come to Texas.

Curvy Couture
Did you hit Girls Night Out at Curvy couture and Southern Chique? The new stops on Boston Avenue in Nederland are showing bright colors for summer. Here are two more reasons to shop locally.

I’m a LooHoo believer
Remember that hint about tossing tennis balls in the laundry? Now there’s something better. LooHoo
d wool dryer balls look like,  guess what? I tossed three in with a load of whites and it was done fast. That will save electricity, and your money.
LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls are reusable dryer balls that reduce drying time (by 25 percent) and soften laundry naturally, makers say. They’re made of  lanolin-rich wool that create motion to allow more air to circulate around your wet clothes. They’re good for years and are even good with baby clothes. If we’re trying to save the earth, use them on a load of cloth diapers. They’re made in the USA. I’ll keep them in a little basket on my dryer.
Sold individually, or in sets of three.

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