Wednesday, January 13, 2010

McCormick Trends
I started sharing McCormick flavor parings with readers as soon as I found them. They’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Flavor Forecast. Though running their list shortens space for things I wanted to tell you, It’s good stuff.
Kevan Vetter, the company’s executive chef, says the year will be heavily influenced by bitter, warm and earthy notes and stronger flavors.
McCormick® Flavor Forecas 2010 Top 10 Flavor Pairings:
1. Roasted Ginger & Rhubarb
Exciting layers of spicy and sour, with warming notes and a powerful tang
2. Thai Basil & Watermelon
A colorful study in contrasts offers a sweet, refreshing balance
3. Caraway & Bitter Greens
An unmistakable spice tames the bitter bite of bold greens
4. Bay Leaves & Preserved Lemon
Slowly coaxed flavor worth the wait, an aromatic mix of bitter, salty-tart and bright
5. Almond & Ale
The bittersweet character of both ingredients makes a congenial, cozy and hearty match
6. Turmeric & Vine-Ripened Tomatoes
Earthy and naturally sweet, this colorful, healthful blend is always in season
7. Pumpkin Pie Spice & Coconut Milk
This lush, warm pairing reconnects with its tropical roots
8. Roasted Cumin & Chickpeas
This globetrotting Mediterranean duet delivers warm, earthy flavor harmonies
9. Creole Mustard & Shellfish
A vibrant pair that brings Gulf Coast gusto to any part of the country
10. Chives & Fish Sauce
Savory fusion of French and Asian cuisines

Leading trends in the McCormick Flavor Forecast 2010 include:
• In is the New Out — Big flavors and new definitions of “dinner party” bring the best of restaurant meals home
• Always In Season — Preserving the peak of ripeness for year-round enjoyment, fresh at the ready
• Meatless on the Menu — Mixing up the center of the plate 
• Ethnic Sizzle — Tastes of the global grill, appearing in a backyard near you
• New Comfort Cuisine – A renewed appreciation for the integrity of ingredients and cooking techniques

The new chopping block
Remember how expensive food processors were in Julia Child’s heyday? Check out what GE and Walmart have for you now at $49. There’s a line of sleek, stylish GE appliances and a big o’l processor in black chopped my New Year’s cabbage egg rolls in a wink. At 15 cents a pound, I still have several heads stored up for slaw, salads and stir fry. Suction cups as powerful as the motor keep it in place; a satisfying whirring sound and a monster-sized food pusher lets you know GE means business. I liked it. It’s suitable for Duggar-sized families, and even handles dough, if you were going that way.
Perks include: 3-Speed countdown timer; the extra-large chute that reduces pre-chopping (my favorite); electronic “intuitive” controls; chopping, slicing, shredding and dough blades; 14-cup capacity; a “food stopper” that directs food toward the place to catch the smallest pieces; cord storage; and a two-year warranty.

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