Monday, January 18, 2010

Glam 101: clean up, look cute
This very week I noted a Port Arthur mover and shaker’s fabulous red pumps and she confided they were a tres reasonably priced Sears find.
We commented on the notion that if a woman consistently looks put together, she can start a trend with a 50 cent bauble. Admirers may never guess the trinket wasn’t expensive, though it’s often more fun to share news of a bargain.
This same budget advice is found in “101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle.” Dawn Del Russo’s thoughts are called a “cheeky book with tidbits of advice for a glamorous lifestyle” and comes with Barbara Ann Scarrillo’s adorable illustrations.
While we can’t all keep our stylist on call or splurge on a real pair of designer pumps, lots of these glam girl tips are absolutely free. I already walk out stress and clean out closets to make room for “incoming.” Her best advice is to make life special and love yourself.
Here’s some more fun stuff:
* Wear diamond studs. A little sparkle peeking through will grab just the right attention.
* Sit up straight. Great posture is important. You will instantly look fabulous.
• Pick up a book. Knowledge is power and power is chic.
• Drink water. You have heard it over and over. Hydrate yourself.
• Stock up on white tanks. They can be worn with almost anything dressed up or dressed down and still look chic.
• Love yourself. I mean, really, if you don’t who will?

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