Monday, January 25, 2010

How was your Healthy Weight Week?
I don’t know who deems these weeks, but we’ve just wrapped up Healthy Weight Week, where the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us Texans that some 28 percent of us are considered obese.
This next week doesn’t have a name to it, but can you still commit to the New Year’s Resolutions you so happily made just a few days ago? The Galleria Tennis & Athletic Club shares these tips:
• Just Move Something! Spending just 30-60 minutes a day on physical activities can make a big difference.
• Pick a cardio activity that you enjoy, whether it’s tennis, running, walking, swimming, etc. Finding something you enjoy will make exercise a lot easier, and a life-long habit.
• Make it a social hour. Invite friends to the gym or schedule a tennis date or morning walk with neighbors. They’ll help you stick to it, and make exercising fun.
• Combine healthy eating with a consistent exercise routine to get the most effective results. Doing just one or the other will only get you halfway there. Once you grasp one component you can then focus on the other.
• Tell everyone you know about your fitness goals — even blog, tweet and update your Facebook status about it. Friends and family will/could serve as great sources of support, and the accountability will keep you motivated.
• A personal trainer serves as a great support structure as well. It is much easier to commit to and achieve your fitness goals when you know that you have someone in your corner 100 percent of the time, with positive reinforcement.
• Be realistic with your goals and keep true to yourself.
Here’s some more on lookin’ good:
Super hero shirt
Equmen sells super hero shirts that don’t even have an “S” on them. Instead there’s a Helix-Mapping System embedded in T-shirts snug, slimming, moisture-wicking shirts that form to a fella’s body and instantly make him stand up straight and take notice of his own muscles. Go ahead and call it what it is … shape wear for men. It’s amazing, and women have been taking advantage of this for years. I fully expected my husband to balk, but he tried it and liked it, quite a bit. Results are immediate. The line has several shirt styles and underpants, too. These are apparently the rage in the UK and I think American men will take right to them.

Makin’ up not hard to do
Valentine’s Day falls on our Mardi Gras weekend, and the Jessica Red Alert Manicure Kit is the way to go if you’re flashing colors other than purple, gold and green. A base and top coat flank a black nail polish with two reds, each one competing for more brilliance. I like the one that reminds me of a boat’s candy apple gloss, but my daughter asked for alternating nails of red and black. I told her she looked like a deck of cards and she began planning for a viewing party on the upcoming Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.
Jessica also makes three romantic pink glosses — Kiss me in the Rain, Prelude to a Kiss and It’s in His Kiss — in pastels to merit a second glance.
OleHenrikson’s new sugar glow face scrub is hands down the most aromatic scrub I’ve ever enjoyed. African red tea, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin and sweet honey are just a few ingredients to “awaken” the skin. Mine had been asleep all winter.
I’m aiming to try Cover FX Fortifying Lip Treat Mint Primer SPF 15, a pout primer, just because it has such a cool name.

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